Shaurya Kansal receives prestigious VC Leadership Scholarship at University of Wollongong

Shaurya Kansal, a driven and innovative young mind hailing from Meerut, India, has been awarded a highly esteemed Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship from the University of Wollongong (UOW).

Born in Meerut, Shaurya has had an inquisitive mind about solving issues faced by humanity, and his education has led him to travel across various cities in India and internationally, gaining experiences and meeting with people before he settled in New Delhi.

His father’s work led him to Auckland during his middle school years. His time at Westlake Boys High School in Auckland ignited a spark of inspiration that fuelled his subsequent pursuits.

After moving back to New Delhi, he pursued A levels at the University of Cambridge to complete his education. This experience equipped him with a practical approach to learning and honed his analytical thinking skills. His diverse curriculum included physics, mathematics, science, and chemistry, fostering a multidisciplinary mindset.

An exceptional achiever, Shaurya met the stringent criteria of the Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship – India by securing 11 points on the conversion scale, a testament to his academic excellence. Beyond his excellent academic record, Shaurya’s fascination with technology and innovative thinking caught the attention of the selection committee.

UOW Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Patricia M. Davidson congratulated Shaurya on receiving the scholarship and starting a new chapter at UOW.

“Shaurya’s outstanding academic journey and innovative mindset align perfectly with the values we cherish at UOW. We are excited to support him in his pursuit of knowledge and positive impact that he is dedicated to create in the world,” Professor Davidson said.

“Shaurya’s story exemplifies the kind of change-makers we aim to nurture, and we eagerly anticipate providing more scholarship opportunities to students who, like Shaurya, aspire to make a significant difference in the world.”

His commitment to volunteering and competitions has yielded both national and international recognition. Notably, his essay on the economic implications of the COVID virus earned him accolades in a national competition and was interviewed by a panel which included Dr Ashok Khosla, Harvard Physicist and Arun Maira, the chair of Boston Consulting Group, India. He was also involved in the NASA and Boeing-sponsored year-long Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition project, which showcased his collaborative spirit as he worked alongside scientists and PhD students to develop a model for Venus.

Upon joining UOW, Shaurya has commenced his Bachelor of Computer Science journey. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he aspires to pursue an honours, master’s, and even a PhD in the future.

He draws inspiration from the late Steve Jobs, who co-founded Apple, aiming to catalyse change and solve monumental global challenges by placing the right individuals in key roles.

“I am grateful for the support I have received from UOW and my experience has been truly transformative,” Shaurya said.

“Coming from a landlocked region in India, I enjoy the serene landscapes of Wollongong and the vibrant, lush campus surroundings.

“I believe our perspectives are cultivated by diverse experiences, and that drives me to approach humanity’s challenges from fresh angles and to empathetically address real-world issues.”


The Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship – India seeks to inspire a new generation of young, promising, and passionate leaders from India and to give them the knowledge, skills, and worldviews to be the future leaders who will play a crucial role as India and Australia further develop their strategic partnership.

The scholarship challenges recipients to develop leadership potential alongside a network of like-minded students striving to create positive change. 

The scholarship provides generous financial assistance, including 100 per cent tuition fee waiver, leadership training, dedicated academic support, community networking, and global mobility opportunities. The recipients are selected based on their academic achievement and leadership potential.

Please visit the UOW VC Leadership Scholarship – India webpage for more information