Students from the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management of M.U.S.T won the Gold Award and Creativity Award of “The 3rd Macau Vocational English Contest”

The results of “The 3rd Macau Vocational English Contest” organized by the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center have been announced recently, and the award ceremony was held on March 23, 2022. The team of four third-year bachelor students from FHTM, comprising Wu Ziyue, Lin Yinran, Deng Shiman, and Huang Zhenya won the Gold Award and Creativity Award in the Student Category in this contest. FHTM students have won the Gold Award in the Student Category for two consecutive years.

Awarded FHTM students: Yoyo Wu, Olivia Lin, Rachel Deng, Helen Huang

The “Macau Vocational English Contest” has been held since 2019, where contestants are required to make a creative video revolving around the workplace, the English jargon, and terminology used in the tourism and hospitality industry. The contest’s theme of this year’s competition “Professional English for the Conference and Exhibition Industry” aims to encourage the future professionals of the Macao travel and tourism-related service sector to enhance their English skills, to support the sustainable development of Macao as the world center of tourism and leisure. It is also helpful to horn participants’ film-making skills to enrich their multimedia practices.

Students won the Gold Award and Creativity Award of Students Category

FHTM keeps encouraging students to actively participate in various competitions and activities, contributing to cultivating outstanding talents with a combination of theory and practice, and winning glory for the University and Macao. Behind the video “Level Ups in the MICE World” made by FHTM students was their great effort of brainstorming, story designing, film shooting, and editing from the winter vacation to the college days. Their video regards the convention and exhibition industry as a level-up game, conveying a unique understanding of the industry’s characteristic of “every chance is from every change”, which made it successfully stand out from the 172 submitted works to win the best award and the creativity award.