Shanghai Ranking 2022: KEDGE climbs up 24 places for its research in Business Administration

KEDGE upholds its second place in the last Shanghai World Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS), rewarding France’s leading business schools for research in Business Administration. The school now ranks on the podium of the world Top 75 business schools.

The Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects

The Shanghai World Ranking identifies the world’s higher education institutions by academic speciality, based on the quality of their research work, using factual indicators:

  • Number of articles published in the best management journals (top 25%),
  • Research impact factor, measured by the number of citations received by their papers in other management research,
  • International collaboration between institutions on research,
  • Number of articles published in the Top 1% of management journals and conferences.

It ranks more than 1,800 higher education institutions worldwide in 54 academic specialties and 5 major fields: natural sciences, engineering, life sciences, medical sciences, and social sciences.

KEDGE in the global TOP 75 of ShangHai World Ranking

KEDGE moves up from the Top 100 in 2021 to the Top 75 of the world’s institutions in the latest ranking in Business Administration research, climbing from 80th to 56th place. The school’s position in this international reference ranking attests to the quality of the school’s faculty, which enjoys a worldwide reputation.