FHTM Held the First Session of “Distinguished Scholar Forum of Hospitality and Tourism” on Risk Management

As part of the celebration of M.U.S.T.’s 22nd Anniversary, the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management (FHTM) held the first session of “Distinguished Scholar Forum of Hospitality and Tourism” on March 23, 2022, entitled “Risk Management In Event Tourism”. Professor Charles Arcodia from the Business School of Griffith University, Australia, was invited as the guest speaker to share his views on the topic. Prof. Ben K. Goh, Dean of FHTM, Program Director Dr. Zhang Yang, Program Director Dr. Feng Yan, and other teachers of FHTM attended the lecture. About 100 students majoring in MITM and BHM also attended via Zoom. 

Prof. Ben K. Goh, Dean of FHTM Welcomed Professor Charles Arcodia

Prof. Ben K. Goh thanked Professor Charles Arcodia for giving the online lecture to teachers and students of FHTM under the current epidemic. He hoped that students would cherish this rare opportunity and learn from the professor humbly. He also encouraged students to expand their research interests and research directions.

In this lecture, Professor Charles Arcodia systematically unfolded the risk management process. He specifically explained the concepts of risk identification, analysis, and evaluation included in risk assessment. Professor Charles Arcodia also introduced his future research direction in combination with the current international situation, bringing more inspiration and critical thinking to the students. In the final Q&A session, the students raised very thorough questions, which Professor Charles Arcodia answered patiently and meticulously.

Group Photo

Source: Macau University of Science and Technology