UM, Wynn co-organise executive development programme for senior management

The Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming (ISCG) under the University of Macau (UM) Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), and Wynn Macau jointly organised an executive development programme (EDP) in gaming and public policy for Wynn’s senior managers, as part of the Wynn Senior Management Development Programme.

UM and Wynn Macau co-organise their first executive development programme

The workshop aimed to enrich senior executives’ knowledge of digital economy and the changing business environment. It provided a platform for scholars and industry practitioners to exchange ideas and gain new insights about the opportunities created by the Hengqin-Macao new initiative as well as the challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prof Jean Chen, dean of the FBA, officiated at the opening ceremony of the programme. According to Dean Chen, this is the first time that the FBA has worked with a leading gaming operator in offering an EDP. The programme consists of five workshops covering various aspects of business operation. This programme is an important step in the faculty’s efforts to promote industry-academia collaboration and serve the local community; it also shows the faculty’s commitment to serving as a bridge of communication between the academia and industry. The FBA plans to continue to organise various EDPs in the future to contribute to the professional development of senior executives and the economic development of Macao.

Prof Davis Fong, director of the ISCG, was the keynote speaker of the two-day workshop. Approximately 60 senior executives of Wynn Macau participated in the workshop. They praised it and expressed hope that the FBA would continue to organise similar EDPs that are relevant to the business environment in Macao. 

Source: Institute of the Study of Commercial Gaming, University of Macau