Dominik Wehr got a Young Talent Award

Photo: Bahareh Afshari

Dominik Wehr who has recently started his PhD studies in Logic at the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science has received an award from The Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities.

It was Dominik Wehr’s master thesis An abstract Framework for the Analysis of Cyclic Deriviation that gave him the second prize in the Young Talent Thesis Prize for Informatics and Information Science.

There will be an award ceremony that is open to public via a livestream on Monday 29 November.

Dominik Wehr wrote the master thesis while he was a student at University of Amsterdam. Now he is a member of the Logic Group at the University of Gothenburg and is working under the supervision of Graham Leigh and Bahareh Afshari.

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Text: Monica Havström