173 PhD Graduates Earn Degrees

The ceremony for the conferment of PhD degrees was held in Room 301 of the Activity Center on April 30. Prof. Zhou Yu,  president of the HIT, dialed the tassel,made a speech to the 173 PhD graduates who received their degrees, and took photos with them.

In his speech,Prof. Zhou congratulatedand expressed his thanks to the graduates and respects to the supervisors who guided their scientific research, as well as their friends and relatives who cared for and supported their lives. Prof. Zhou proposed 4 wishes for them. First, take up our national mission. Keeping the characteristic of HITers that services our motherland, we’d better connect ourselves closely with the future of our nation. With patriotism in mind, we should uphod ideals and beliefs in daily life and complete our original intention and mission in practice for a life with higher and better quality and becoming a man who can bear the burden of national rejuvenation. Second, inherit the will to struggle ,undertake the dream of a great nation. Inheriting the spirit of the Eight Hundred Heroes of HIT, we should constantly update the coordinates of our struggle at different time in our lives. No matter what jobs we take, we should have the firmness and unchanging will to go forward, to persevere in the direction we have decided. We need to to make the “indifferent post” become hotspot and make the shinning industries become stronger. In a nutshell, we should  precisely replicate the “red gene” of loving our nation and making great achievements, and unswervingly hold up the dream of becoming a powerful country. Third, let’s embrace the concept of innovation and climb the summit of science and technology. I hope that you will shoulder the burden entrusted by history, insist on innovative thinking, and use innovation to stimulate a powerful engine, to question existing theories and to explore new directions. Targeting at the crucial problems that need to be solved in science and technology of our country, we should focus on mastering key core technologies, and solving the “bottleneck” blockages and obstacles, so as to achieve a “from 0 to 1” breakthrough. We will be the leader of scientific and technological innovations in the new era and contribute our youth and power to China’s efforts to become a major scientific center and innovation highland in the world. Fourth, take advantage of the 100-year momentum,  set sail on a new journey. Keeping in mind the important mandate of “reform and innovation, striving for excellence” put forward by President Xi Jinping, we must firmly establish the sense of striving for the first place with a flag to carry and a standard to win. we must seek the momentum, seek the momentum and act on the momentum. We dare to announce the courage to take the lead and not be afraid of “going back to the waves”. With 100% vigor and confidence, we will strive to become outstanding talents, pillars of the country and the backbone of the society, and take the lead in the new journey of the new century.

Fan Feng, Assistant to the President, presided over the ceremony and presented the Decision of the Degree Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology on the Awarding of the Doctoral Degree.

Dr. Qiu Shi from the School of Aeronautics was the student speaker. He shared what he felt during his doctoral studies, expressed his gratitude to his alma mater, his mentors, as well as his family and friends, and wished HIT a brilliant future in the new century.

On behalf of all the doctoral supervisors, Prof. Zheng Ping from the School of Electrical Engineering & Automation sent his farewell wishes to the graduates — to become people who have a mind for their country and serve the people, to become people who keep learning and work hard, to become people who are proactive and create opportunities, and to become people who are broad-minded and love life.

Heads of  departments and schools concerned, doctoral graduates and representatives of teachers attended the ceremony. Relatives and friends of these graduates watched the ceremony via the Internet.