100 CUHK Students Awarded Link University Scholarship 2020/21

100 students of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have been awarded the Link University Scholarship 2020/21(Link Scholarship), in recognition of their outstanding achievements in being the first university student in three generations of their families, and to motivate them to pursue future success. Out of a total of 190 awardees this year, more than half are from CUHK. 

Scholarship recipient Aaron Lin majoring in Law, was an intern at Link REIT last year

LIN Weijie Aaron, a year-4 student majoring in Law, has been awarded the Scholarship for 4 consecutive years. He gratefully said, “As the first-generation university student in my family, it was extremely tough for me to pursue academic excellence and other opportunities to advance my professional career, especially when I had to take part-time jobs so as not to further burden my parents. The Scholarship enables me to finally cut down my working hours and focus on my study. Thankfully, I succeeded in getting on the Dean’s List and was able to receive other awards in the University.”

Aaron added, “I was honoured to have the opportunity to intern at Link REIT last year. During the period, other than giving us practical work tasks, Link REIT also held various coaching workshops for us on becoming successful and aspiring young leaders. The fruitful internship experience has helped me better prepare myself and advance my career in the legal sector.”

Ron Lui, an IBBA student and Scholarship recipient, now serves as the Chairman of the Volunteer Teaching Team, Chung Chi The Suns

Another Scholarship recipient, LUI Chun Kit Ron, a year-2 Integrated BBA student who failed at first to get into university with his unsatisfactory results in Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination, told his story, “Fortunately, with the financial support and help from my teachers, I took the HKDSE exam again and finally entered CUHK. I could strongly feel the power of education during the process, with endless support and encouragement from teachers.” Ron has tried to give back to society through education. He has established an online HKDSE platform to share his knowledge on the subject of economics and his life at the University. He is now the President of the Volunteer Teaching Team in Chung Chi College, Chung Chi the Suns. He went on, “Last year, I was fortunate enough to be able to help a student sharing a similar background as mine get into a university. All of these experiences have given me the motivation to pursue a career in education in the future.”

About Link University Scholarship

Link Scholarship was established in 2015. The Scholarship recipients have to demonstrate not only their academic excellence but also their commitment to serving the community. In addition to the scholarship grant of HK$20,000 each, the awardees will also be given different learning opportunities including internship, community service and training workshops to widen their horizons and enrich their life in university.