USU Professor Susan Madsen Honored as Utah Business 2020 Women of the Year

Susan Madsen is the Founder and Director, Utah Women & Leadership Project and Inaugural Karen Haight Huntsman Endowed Professor of Leadership in the Huntsman School of Business. She is also the Founding Director of the Utah Women & Leadership Project, which focuses on strengthening the impact of Utah girls and women through increasing college completion rates and helping girls and women find their voices and become leaders. Professor Madsen and her team have written many Utah research and policy briefs, research snapshots, impact reports, newspaper editorials, and other resources.

“The research is clear. When you have men and women working together in complex decision making, things are better for society,” Professor Madsen said in a recent interview with Utah Business Magazine as part of their Meet the 2020 Women of the Year feature. 

Professor Madsen encourages leaders to start with the young generation of girls and teens and help inspire them to become leaders. She speaks to the amazing women in Utah who are good at thinking about their weaknesses but who need to focus more on their strengths and gifts inside the home and beyond into their community.