Singapore: new International “Asia Social Innovation by Design” course

Students of the Grande Ecole Program will now have the opportunity to follow a “specialization” called “Asia Social Innovation by Design” in Singapore at Strate School of Design.

On the course program: Meet the Asian Social Innovators; What Design stands for; Design methods; Creativity; Sociology; Ethnography; Graphic Facilitation; Design Project follow-up; Communication; Intercultural Management…

Learning journey:

  • Immerse into the Strate’s Innovation by Design method in a very substantial way: supported by fundamental modules, the Education will take shape with the Social Innovation project throughout the program. This project will be the driving force of the learning expedition. It will be facilitated by a senior designer, and by practitioners of the relevant disciplines.
  • Empower the development of your management skills’ path: through the discovery of the Asian ecosystem, you will strengthen, develop and deploy your competences acquired so far for the creation of adoptable and unframed solutions for Social Innovation stakeholders.
  • Engage with Singapore’s entrepreneurial and social innovation ecosystem: The City-State DNA is a business-friendly space driven by technological innovation. Singapore is abundant in terms of startups and innovative companies, scaling up in Asia: renewable energies, solutions for the circular economy and sustainability, or the emancipation of the underprivileged. Singapore -one of the top five financial centers in the world- promotes the development of social innovation players in finance: social impact bonds, microcredit and microfinance, non-bank transfer solutions, etc. Its small size also makes it an easy-to-explore shortcut of the world where all the latest trends and technologies are deployed and visible!
  • Develop your cross-cultural management competences through specific module and by leveraging on the exceptional cultural diversity in Singapore -Chinese, Malays, Indians- and the cosmopolitanism of its foreign population present in this iconic regional economic hub.