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he World Education Website
(WEW) is cooperated closely with hundreds of Chinese famous media organizations, including newspapers, websites, TV stations, magazines, broadcast stations and certain newly appeared media organizations, etc. So it is the unique web media at worldwide level to provide the most recently major educational information from the countries all over the world.

The running principle for the WEW is based on close cooperation with all kinds of worldwide educational organizations whatever public or private. The educational news and messages we put on line to the world are all from our partnership relation Universities, Colleges, Business schools and the International schools; also including the Chinese-Foreign cooperated projects, and the organizations of economic entities like agency companies for overseas study affairs in educational field., etc.

Our highest expectation is to help the customers to establish their worldwide renowned reputation for the cultural products, quality of education, and to enlarge the scale of student recruitment in the Great China market. We are sure with full confidence that through mutually beneficial cooperation we would definitely win benefits for all sides.

Our Service
The WEW(World Education Website) is the most suitable media for your promotion of student recruitment in Great China market, because our service concept is to help overseas universities, business schools, and international schools, etc., to launch student recruitment campaign in China.

Our Target
Let our customers establish their high reputation and enhance promotion in Chinese market, definitely, our service will be your first choice.


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